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Cover for The British Army

The British Army

Since its inception in 1984, The British Army: A Pocket Guide has established itself as the market leader in this particular sphere of defense publishing. This the eighth edition ...

Cover for Wild Weasel Fighter Attack

Wild Weasel Fighter Attack

Detecting and destroying enemy Surface-to-Air Missiles (S.A.M.) and radar is arguably the most dangerous mission that any pilot can undertake. Tactics differ with air forces, but t ...

Cover for Companion to the Anglo-Zulu War

Companion to the Anglo-Zulu War

The Anglo-Zulu War was a defining episode in British imperial history, and it is still a subject of intense interest. The Zulu victory at Isandlwana, the heroic British defense of ...

Cover for Combat Codes

Combat Codes

The authors of 'Combat Codes' have painstakingly researched the codes used by the RAF to replace unit markings during World War II in order to attempt to confuse the enemy.

Cover for German Offensives of 1918

German Offensives of 1918

Few pivotal years in history are less understood than that of 1918. It was a momentous period, which began with Germany's desperate gamble to win the Great War through a sequence o ...

Cover for Growing Remembrance

Growing Remembrance

The story of the inspiration for, establishment and evolution of the National Memorial Arboretum is a fascinating one. Sited at Alrewas, Staffordshire, the Arboretum has become th ...

Cover for Landmines in War and Peace

Landmines in War and Peace

Land mines and their antecedents have been used on the battlefield from ancient times, through the world wars, to the modern conflicts in the developing world. Their use in the de ...

Cover for Wargaming on a Budget

Wargaming on a Budget

Wargaming can be a very expensive hobby, but it needn't be. Iain Dickie, one of the best-known names in the hobby shares dozens of hints and tips on how to cut the cost of your gam ...

Cover for Fallschirmjager


The photos in this book are taken from an unpublished album that belonged to a member of the elite German Paratroopers. First Sgt Wilhelm Plieschen served with Fallschirmjager Mach ...

Cover for Tracing the Rifle Volunteers

Tracing the Rifle Volunteers

From 1859 to 1908 the Rifle Volunteers played an essential role in Britain’s national defense, yet their history has been sadly neglected. Little information is available on these ...

Cover for The Great Boer War

The Great Boer War

The Great Boer War (1899 - 1902) – more properly the Great Anglo-Boer War – was one of the last romantic wars, pitting a sturdy, stubborn pioneer people fighting to establish the i ...

Cover for Women Wartime Spies

Women Wartime Spies

From Mata Hari through to Noor Inyat Khan, women spies have rarely received the recognition they deserve. They have often been trivialized and, in cinema and popular fiction, stere ...

Cover for Bloodline


Using easy-to-follow, family-tree type tables, Bloodline shows the origins and development of every regular formation in the British Army including the latest amalgamations and cha ...

Cover for Armed Forces of the European Union 2012-2013

Armed Forces of the European Union 2012-2013

This first edition of an entirely new publication will, for the first time, provide comprehensive information on what is one of the world’s largest military force groupings. The Eu ...

Cover for Code Wars

Code Wars

When the top secret codebreaking activities at Bletchley Park were revealed in the 1970s, much of the history of the Second World War had to be rewritten. Code Wars examines the ro ...

Cover for Martello Towers Worldwide

Martello Towers Worldwide

Martello Towers Worldwide follows the history of the Martello tower from the construction of the early towers built to protect the Mediterranean shores of Spain and Italy right up ...

Cover for The Intelligencers

The Intelligencers

Intelligence about the enemy is a fundamental part of any war or battle; knowledge of the enemy’s strength, dispositions and intentions are essential for success. This book reveal ...

Cover for The Maginot Line

The Maginot Line

The Maginot Line, the complex system of strongpoints constructed between the world wars by the French to protect against attack from Germany, is one of the most famous, extensive a ...

Cover for The Atlantic Wall

The Atlantic Wall

Hitler's Atlantic Wall, the complex system of coastal fortifications that stretched from Norway to the Spanish border during the Second World War, was built to defend occupied Euro ...

Cover for The British Army Guide

The British Army Guide

In 1984 the first edition of the British Army Guide was published and in May 2011 the 12th edition will be on sale. This invaluable information resource which deals with all aspect ...

Cover for The British Field Marshals

The British Field Marshals

Whether any advantage or benefit will be drawn from the suspension – or effective abolition – of the rank of Field Marshal is debatable. What is certain, however, is that Dr. Tony ...

Cover for The Germans in Flanders 1914 – 1915

The Germans in Flanders 1914 – 1915

The book follows in photographs, captions and text the German Army’s presence in Flanders from its arrival in September 1914 until the summer of 1916.It looks at the Kaiser’s Army’ ...

Cover for The Quiet Gunner at War

The Quiet Gunner at War

In 1939 Dick Gorle was already a professional soldier but stationed in India. After the Dunkirk disaster he was recalled and initially involved in training recruits at Plymouth be ...

Cover for The Spartan Way

The Spartan Way

For a period of some 200 years, Sparta was acknowledged throughout the Greek world as the home of the finest soldiers. Xenophon called them 'the only true craftsmen in matters of ...

Cover for US Carrier War

US Carrier War

This book covers all aspects of the operations made by US aircraft carriers, from their introduction into service during WW1 to the continuing conflicts in the Middle East. America ...